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Emerged out of the desire to combine two of our passions, one for delicious food and the other for mesmerizing photography, MUNICHfoodstyling are a team of young, creative, and driven food photographers, filmmakers and stylists ready to bring your idea to life.
With an ambition to capture the motion, transfer the taste of the food to the screen and present it artistically and in the best light imaginable, our desire is to satisfy our clients and offer them an aesthetically appealing final product.

Our goal is to captivate you, make you feel the warmth of the hands of the people cooking, urge you to empathize with their story and ultimately transfer the taste to the screen.
Food is our passion. It is sensual as well as it is poetic. We enjoy taking those mouthwatering pictures, creating spectacular moments, and telling amazing stories. Our intention is to treat food as art, creating something new and exciting each time, to value its quality and aesthetics, all the while appreciating what the beautiful Earth hast to offer.


Our studio is momentarily under construction. We are excited to dive into the creative world of food photography and filmmaking without artistic limits and create amazing pictures and slow motion tasty amazingness.

The art of food styling is that of creating mouthwatering pictures that just can’t leave you indifferent. Since we all eat with our eyes, the power of your hero´s first impression should never be underestimated. That is why special techniques of food styling and preparation are so crucial for achieving an aesthetically pleasing culinary perfection all the while teasing you taste buds and urging you to dive into those delicacies.

At the same time the artistry of photography and elaborate lightning design is fundamental for creating the right mood and setting to present the hero, be it just a simple rustic loaf of bread or a sophisticated creation of french cuisine, in the best light possible. Figuratively and literally. Since the art of lightning design is so crucial at allowing the artistic vision to come to life and bring out the vibrant colors and intriguing shapes of the food.

Through years of experience gathered while working on numerous sets and productions as well as experimenting and creating in our own studio with the help of the best equipment the industry has to offer, we pride ourselves in always learning, evolving, and perfecting our craft to constantly raise the bar and be the best at what we do.

Our Vision

Our Artistic Vision